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Balloon: Giant 3ft/1m Various Colours

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Make a stunning impact with these giant round balloons!

These amazing balloons make fantastic decorations and props for weddings, parties, fetes and fairs or any event you can think of. Use singly or in groups, with helium or without. 

These balloons don't come cheap but they are the highest quality available and you don't want a balloon this size bursting on you! We have also done some comparison pricing and believe we are competitively priced.

Right, the technical details - you need the following quantity of helium per balloon - they are generally filled at slightly less than the full 36in:

- 0.2266 metres cubed to fill to 30in

- 0.4249 metres cubed to fill to 34in

This is a lot of helium and the price varies so shop around!

They can obviously just be air filled/blown up as normal and tied - just depends on the look you want.

If you need to transport them to a venue after inflating, consider how you'll do this as they are big! 

We also have plain balloons in the same size, giant heart balloons, some slightly smaller metallic silver and gold balloons, 11" polka dots and fabulous round bubble balloons.


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