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Straws: Patterned - Packs of 25

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Old fashioned paper straws in a range of colours and designs - these traditional stripes come in a huge range colours enabling you to match practically any theme or event. 

Use them for drinks - these look fantastic with our school milk bottles, crafts, cake pop sticks or poles for cake bunting - made from high quality, sturdy, strong paper they don't go soggy. 
We have over 100 different designs and colours, listed in the following categories to help you choose:
- striped
- triple striped
- polka dots
- big spots
- hearts
- stars
- chevrons
- extra fat neon smoothie straws
- other which include bamboo, vertical stripes, Liberty prints and more!
We have matching paper bags for some of the straws, particularly the stripes, spots and chevrons.
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