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Baking Cups: Pleated Yellow: Pack of 20 or 100

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These fantastically versatile pleated cases have a rigid shape and a liquid proof lining which means they can be used to bake cupcakes or even hold jelly and/or ice cream. Can also be used for fruit, sweets, nuts, raisins and other snacks.

To use for baking, pour your cake batter straight into them – their rigid edge means that you not have to use a cupcake tin, just space them out on a flat baking tray and bake them as they are. These cups do not peel and hold their colour. Push up from the bottom to eat or pull apart at the edges and the pleats will open!

Solid yellow: pack of 20 or 100.

4cm high, 5cm diameter at base, 6.5cm diameter across top.
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