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Children's Cutlery Set: Green or Red Spotty


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Spotty 3 piece stainless steel children's cutlery set. This is a high quality, stainless steel cutlery set perfectly designed for small hands but with a grown up feel. It features a knife with a serrated edge which will actually cut, a refreshing change from the majority of children's cutlery which has blunt edged knives. This does mean it's not suitable for children under three but it means you can teach you child to use cutlery properly and to use a knife with a proper cutting edge. 

We can personally vouch for the excellent quality and durability of this item, having had over eight years' experience of daily use and being thrown in a dishwasher throughout that time, they still look like new and have lasted whilst others have fallen by the wayside! A really good buy, you won't be disappointed.

Comes in a presentation box so suitable as a gift as well as being a highly practical item.

Available in:


Dishwasher safe.

Box measures 19cm x 10cm 

Knife 18cm, Fork 17cm, Spoon 16cm
Warning: Keep away from naked flames, do not place in oven microwave or hot pans. Not suitable for children under 3 years.
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